Activities in Vall Fosca

Hydroelectric Museum

In the late 19th century, La Vall Fosca’s big water reserve –over 50 millions m3– allowed Emili Riu, journalist and politician from Sort, to plan the use of this resource and to build Capdella Hydroelectric power station.

The human factor was decisive to carry out that overambitious work and its necessary facilities, such as access roads, cable cars, railways, drainage of the lakes, camps aimed at the workers, etc. In the record time of barely two years, it allowed to start up the first important hydroelectric power station of Catalonia.

La Central de Capdella’s Museum will take you to a trip from the very first idea of building the hydroelectric power station to its operation in 1914, including the economic, social and infrastructural changes involved.

This museum is doubtlessly the best way to pay tribute to the 4,000 people who would work in this huge project and who, anonymously, contributed to the welfare of the Catalan citizens.