Activities in Vall Fosca

Nearby Activities

From our privileged location you can also visit and enjoy nearby places where you will take an indelible memory. From visiting the “Botigues de Salàs de Pallars”, to enjoying an unique experience visiting the Congost de Mont-rebei, or enjoying a balloon or horse ride, or even paragliding for the most daring. We can manage all the activities in advance, with significant discounts on the final price.

Congost de Montrebei

The Congost de Montrebei route is one of the most spectacular in the entire peninsula. The Congost de Montrebei is a jewel of nature with vertical walls over 500 meters high that separate the provinces of Lleida and Huesca.

Botigues Salàs de Pallars

Salàs offers a unique museum proposal that consists of recreating vintage shops and spaces based on the exhibition and dissemination of everyday consumer goods. The setting of these spaces is achieved through the furniture, the exhibition of the most representative products of each period and the exhibition of posters and other advertising elements. This project offers the visitor to these spaces a journey through one hundred years of daily life using as a vehicle the evocative power of scenes, products and images that are already part of of the collective imagination.


El Pallars Jussà is a region with a large number of paths, many of them historic and where you can see landscapes of great beauty. A different way to get to know the territory is on horse, a different experience.

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